Depression & Mood Disorders

Depression can affect 1 in 8 Canadians in their lifetime. Mild to severe depression can affect our ability to work, to study, and to be engaged with family and friends.

Psychotherapy helps people with depression understand the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that contribute to their depressed state. There are 2 basic theories of depression – clinical and situational. Clinical refers to the brain not firing properly to release serotonin which is a brain chemical that effects mood. Situational depression is caused by life events – such as major illness, a death in the family, a loss of job/career or a divorce, or lack of success in an academic environment. Sometimes both these types of depression are evident in one person.

For depression treatment, the goal is to regain both a sense of control and having pleasure in one’s life. A variety of techniques and problem-solving skills will be developed as well as a plan for self-care.

Why Work With Me?


In my 13 years as a Registered Psychotherapist I have grown by engaging in continuing education, meeting regularly with peers to share best practices, developing a broader toolbox of appropriate clinical interventions, and limiting my caseload so that I can be present and focused for each client and each session.


My service to clients is based on the principles of both strengths-based therapy and client-focused therapy. Using both of these techniques allows me to be present and focused on client strengths and client needs.


I do my best to schedule clients as soon as possible in my very busy practice. Often a cancellation by another client will open up an earlier session for you. There are no fixed number of psychotherapy sessions for each client - it will be a discussion between client and therapist about how many sessions the client would like to have.

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