Substance Use / Addiction Counselling

Often people who engage in substance use are attempting to mask some form of pain from the past or present. We will explore a variety of treatments and supports (including 12-Step Groups or Smart Recovery Groups, if interested) that will aid you in your recovery and reduce the probability of a slip or relapse. Some people want to explore a Harm Reduction or Controlled Substance Use approach and, for some people, this is attainable. I will work with you on your goals around substance use and provide the strategies and support that best suit your goals.

Some areas of treatment for Substance Use include:

  • Exploring the concept of Substance Use/Addiction and why people chose to use substances to a degree that may be harmful to them and people in their lives.
  • Explore the effects of prolonged substance use on the body.
  • Explore the pros and cons of your current use.
  • Explore Relapse Prevention or Controlled Use strategies.
  • Explore the reasons WHY you have reached this point in your life.

Why Work With Me?


In my 13 years as a Registered Psychotherapist I have grown by engaging in continuing education, meeting regularly with peers to share best practices, developing a broader toolbox of appropriate clinical interventions, and limiting my caseload so that I can be present and focused for each client and each session.


My service to clients is based on the principles of both strengths-based therapy and client-focused therapy. Using both of these techniques allows me to be present and focused on client strengths and client needs.


I do my best to schedule clients as soon as possible in my very busy practice. Often a cancellation by another client will open up an earlier session for you. There are no fixed number of psychotherapy sessions for each client - it will be a discussion between client and therapist about how many sessions the client would like to have.

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