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Can I arrange a phone consultation before my 1st appointment?

Yes. Some people like to talk with the potential therapist before booking an appointment to explain why they are seeking support and to get a “feel” for the therapist and determine if the therapist is a good fit. My phone consultations are 15 minutes and are NO CHARGE.

What can I expect from the 1st session?

At the 1st session, we go over my Agreement for Services and I complete a General Intake Form. This process only takes 10 minutes. The 1st appointment is an opportunity for the client to “tell their story” and clarify needs and goals for therapy. As a therapist, this is often an information gathering session and interventions may or may not be started based on time factors.

Is there a time commitment for therapy?

No. Client and therapist will determine together the need for ongoing appointments. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions as each client is unique. I do not set a fixed number of appointments that clients are expected to attend and pay for.

How can I tell if you are the right therapist for me?

This is a highly personal decision – you may get a sense of this during a phone consultation or at the 1st session. If at any time you feel that we are not a good fit, there are no issues to telling me you want to terminate therapy.

Will the cost of psychotherapy be covered by my work benefits?

This depends on your benefit plan through your employer. Some plans cover psychotherapy and some do not. Best to check ahead of time so that you know if you can claim the expense of psychotherapy. I provide an Official Receipt with my Psychotherapist Registration Number on it that you can submit to your benefit plan.

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